Transparency at Its Best with HealthPro Network

Being a candidate-centric institution, we always think for the benefit of our staff. Our business practices of integrity and transparency make us valuable for those who apply. We give the best to hired staff in the form of high pay rate, work flexible hours and intense Worth jobs. Unlike other staffing agencies, our practices are for medical providers. We consider Medical and healthcare jobs a profession of great worth. Our structure of providing an opportunity to earn more is transparent and simpler for understanding.

Integrity and Transparency

Healthcare staffing agencies always hide the actual contract rate from medical providers. Rather they want to take maximum from the earnings of the provider. We welcome medical providers who seek for transparent healthcare staffing operations. Our contracts with a recruiter are open for medical providers. They can see what recruiter gives particular hour rate and how much we are paying. While other staffing agencies never disclose their contracts.
We believe that paying a significant amount to the person putting effort is important. It is one of the integrity principles we are following since 2009. Therefore, our business principles are unique and make us second to none.

High Pay Rates

Our cost and pricing structure is easy for the medical providers. The pricing model, overhead and other quota rates are for the benefit of providers. We are ahead in paying handsome money to our staff. Our rates are incomparable in this industry.

We ensure the medical provider is getting a significant amount of money for the job.

We provide bill rate to ensure the high pay rates. With such negotiable rates, we have the best policy that aids people coming to us in making their future.

Due to the high availability of jobless medical providers, industry monopolist usually fixes pay rates. However, our policy is always candidate-friendly and aim to help the community.

How we stand out?

Medical Staffing agencies and industry fix the rate, provide no compensation plan and do not expose information. Most of them have non-negotiable rates and quotas. They do this to discriminate candidate’s potential and extract more commission.

Industrial standards prove that business executive’s dictated facts are everything. However, our way of dealing with medical providers is different. We ensure to take an appropriate number of hours. We do not pay less in second of the third month. We try to compensate everything from the beginning.

We try our best to facilitate candidates with recruiters. In this way, a recruiter can know candidate’s potential, future aim and a ‘good fit’ for the job.

Therefore, we are the best in this industry.

Why do you need to be part of our team?

Being a Micropreneur, the HealthProNetwork offers the best for medical providers. Once you are our medical provider, we focus on your quality of work/life balance by doing a review of your commute, lifestyle, family life, or living situation if traveling.

Only our staffing system keeps track of work/life balance. We want to ensure that medical provider has enough time for their family and children. With best work hours flexibility, medical provider’s lifestyle is never compromised.

We always do more for our providers. They are our people. We are always eager to help them out in the time of their need.

We also pay good money for Temporary Assignments in Healthcare. Our standards are always high for prospective candidates.

We understand and appreciate the efforts of our candidate. We leave no space in serving them with high pay rate.

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