HealthPro Network was founded in 2009 with the intent of making a difference in the lives of Medical Providers by going the extra mile, offering more opportunities for high paying placements, and remaining available and responsive. 

HPN arose from a deep need within the professional services community for a responsive staffing agency who knew the needs and desires of licensed professionals working at hospitals, outpatient facilities, skilled nursing homes, and local, state and federal correctional facilities.

The CEO and co-founder, Orlando R. Garcia, had experience in the healthcare field including working as a pharmacist and as an instructor at local healthcare colleges. He has experienced both the good and the bad of the staffing industry. He received input from professionals across various spectrums of the healthcare industry, ranging from physical therapists to PA’s and registered nurses to dentists, on what they wanted in a staffing agency. That experience and industry input resulted in the creation of Health Pro Network.

HPN is a nationwide health care staffing and consulting firm specializing in over 50 job classifications. Based in Los Angeles and with a nationwide reach, our team of executives, support staff and placement representatives focus on service and ensuring that our licensed professionals make more, while our facilities are staffed with happy and productive professionals. We’re always looking to exceed expectations for both.

Hey, always remember, we strive for more because you deserve more.

Our benefits includes the following:

  • icon tracking healthcareTrack individual healthcare professional expertise, such as skill set and experience
  • icon healthcare credentialsEnsure professionals remain compliant with proactive alerts of expiring credentials
  • icon legalMitigate risk and reduce legal exposure
  • icon schedulingStreamline scheduling operations and increase client satisfaction Improve scheduling processes and be more competitive
  • icon efficiencyStrengthen overall efficiency with complete insight into staffing operations and real-time visibility of filled, open and closed jobs
  • icon communicationFacilitate communication among staffing coordinators, clients, affiliate vendors and healthcare professionals
  • icon new hire schedulingManage national,agency, state and client requirements
  • icon new hire schedulingIncrease new hire productivity by removing scheduling guesswork
  • icon compliance reportingStreamline compliance reporting for Joint Commission Clients